Technical Questions

Q: How do I upload files to my account?
A: In your FTP client, specify the following settings:
Hostname: (replace this with hostname of the server you are on; this information is included with your welcome mail)
Username: [email protected] (replace “username” with your actual username, and “” with your domain name)
Password: your password (this should be replaced with your actual password)

After you logged into your FTP area, you should see a folder called “public_html/” – upload files into that folder, and you should be able to view uploaded content at (replace “” with your actual domain name), or at (replacing those with real values)

Q: How do I access my control panel?
A: You should be able to login into your control panel by typing “” (replace with real server name) in your browser. Use your actual username and password to login.

Q: What email settings should I use for my pop3/smtp mail accounts?
A: In your mail client settings, use the following values to access your pop3/smtp account:
SMTP Mail Server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail server: the server name of your account (included in welcome mail)
POP3 Mail Account (Username): [email protected] (your “username” at “your domain”)
POP3 Mail Password: the password you used to create email account from control panel